Adolescent Health

Although a popular image of adolescence is one of angry, rebellious teenagers, alienated from their parents and embroiled in emotional turmoil. Adolescence can be a very tough time of life with so many things happing together. Adolescents have their specific health needs and most of the time they are not aware of what health service support they have. Our doctors understand these needs and are able to help adolescent, our services for adolescent includes

It is an art to be able to develop rapport with adolescent and explore their health concerns. At Redbank Medical Centre, our GPs are experts and building trustful connections with our patients to ensure transparency and effective management. Mental health issues can be very common in adolescent and can go undiagnosed for long periods of time. Early diagnosis and intervention is the key. Our doctors screen for mental health concerns and offer help when needed. Medicare offers Mental health care plan under which a General practitioner does thorough mental health assessments and involves psychologist for psychological therapies which have been proven to be very effective for long term management. Medicare also offer a special mental health item number 291 under which our doctors can involve psychiatrist for further assessment for complex cases for expert input.


Further information is available here:

Depression and Anxiety

​Dieting to slim is endemic among teenage girls. Part of the reason for this is the contemporary equation between thinness and attractiveness - an assumption prevalent in advertising and fashion. Resonant with this is the finding that most teenage girls (but very few boys) overestimate their body width and depth, perceiving and judging themselves as fatter than they actually are.

Slimming through self-imposed calorie restriction is usually self-limiting because the goal is achieved or because the girl gives up; hunger wins through. In some girls, however, the slimming process takes over and then supervenes what has been called a ‘relentless pursuit of thinness’, typically with a phobic horror of normal body weight and shape. This is anorexia nervosa. There are few other different types of eating disorders.

Talk to our bulk billing doctors at Redbank Medical Centre for further information on eating disorder and what can be done.


Some specialised clinics where we can refer you to for specialised management are:

Eating disorders

Redbank Medical Centre is a bulk billing GP clinic in Redbank, near Redbank Plains, Goodna, Riverview and Collingwood Park. At Redbank Medical, our doctors (GPs) are fully bulk billed. Call us on 07 3624 9995 if you are looking for a doctor near you.

Most teenagers are exposed to illicit drugs at some stage. A number will then experiment with them, some becoming habitual users. Usually, this is for recreational purposes, but a few use them to avoid unpleasant feelings or memories. A very small number become dependent, psychologically or physically. What is taken varies with culture and opportunity, but alcohol and cannabis are common, solvents, LSD, ecstasy and amphetamine derivatives somewhat less so; and cocaine or heroin currently least prevalent, though their use is increasing.

Your doctor at Redbank Medical Centre can help you with any drug problems, no matter how serious you consider it. There are also many health services available like:

Drug abuse issues

Teens do not always use birth control correctly or consistently to prevent pregnancy. As a parent of teen, you might wonder: What's the best and easiest type of birth control to help make sure your son or daughter doesn't become a parent too soon?

Talk to our doctors at Redbank Medical Centre for contraception options and what suits you the most based on your needs.


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Teenage contraception

​​Pregnancy in teenagers is considered high risk for both mother and child. It is very stressful for a teenager during pregnancy and thereof caring for new born. Babies of teenage mothers were 1.3 times as likely to be of low birthweight than babies of 20-24-year-old mothers. 1 in 4 teenage mothers smoked after 20 weeks of pregnancy. We support in best way possible and deal with complex issue of teenage pregnancy, arrange support during and after pregnancy.


Available support includes:

Teenage pregnancy counselling and support