Available Positions

We are currently looking for a VR GP.

Full Time GP position available: 75.00% of Gross Billings

Redbank Medical Centre was established in early 2019 and has since grown into a flourishing clinic. The area of Redbank is growing significantly in population, and the clinic is situated in a fantastic location to take advantage of this. The Redbank train station is walking distance from the clinic, with a 24 hour child care facility next door. There is ample parking for patients. There is currently one GP working during the week. We are fully bulk billed.

The current GP sees 40-50 patients per day (on average), billing upwards of $2,000/day regularly. We are at a position where we require another full time GP to share the patient load. Weekend work is also available. This position is ideal for a GP who is looking to develop a patient base rapidly, and secure a consistent income within a month or two.

The clinic is owned by the current principal GP, and is very flexible to your needs. Offering more percentage than anyone in Australia as we understand the worth of a quality doctor.

The clinic is equipped with fantastic equipment including an ECG, spirometry, audiometry and more. An RN is also available for immunisations, procedures, care plans etc.

Please call Dr Mohsin Tariq on 0403 663 409 or email drmohsinalitariq@gmail.com for further information. 

Full Time General Practitioner