Refugee Health is our area of interest.

Each year, thousands of refugees settle in Australia from regions such as South-East Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, and Africa, where they have endured conflict and persecution. Many people from refugee backgrounds have a higher rate of long-term physical and psychological problems in comparison to other migrants, due in large to their exposure to deprivation, conflict and oppression. Many refugees have been subject to severe human rights violations, traumatic events such as forced dislocation, prolonged political repression, refugee camp experiences and loss of, or separation from, family members in violent circumstances.

About Refugee Health

At Redbank Medical Centre we provide bulk billed comprehensive health assessment of refugees under Medicare item numbers 701, 703,705 and 707.  We undertake a complete history, examination, investigation, problem list and management plan for new arrivals, many of whom would not have had access to comprehensive health care for some years.

Services at Redbank Medical Centre

Many recently arrived refugees do not speak English to a level that is sufficient to explain complex health issues. We use Translating and Interpreting Service National Doctors’ Priority Line which has been very helpful to overcome the language barrier.

Language barrier

Medical consultation may be a source of anxiety for refugee patients, especially those experiencing psychological sequelae of trauma. We try our best to overcome all the barriers by allowing time to establish rapport and trust, explaining doctor-patient confidentiality and understanding patient choice and preferences. Patients are provided with the opportunity to ask questions or seek clarification as some will have come from other cultures in which this was not encouraged.We try our best to explain why we are asking certain questions and why they are important as part of health history. Assessment and management takes place over several sessions to help our refugee patient understand the Australian health system, their own health issues and what can be done to help with their health problems.